Waste Management
The Chantry Centre strives for excellence in sustainability and fully understands the importance of reducing its environmental impact on the global and local environment.
Since 2004 all Chantry Centre processes that directly impact on the environment have been monitored and new methods have been introduced to help reduce any impact.  In order to achieve a realistic environmental target, focus has been placed on the following processes: Waste Management, Energy Management and Carbon Footprint reduction.  The achievements are indicated as follows:
·         During 2015 38.95 tonnes of cardboard was recycled which equates to 21.48% of total waste produced for that period.

·         Total of 38.95 tonnes of recycled materials diverted from landfill and 132.66 tonnes of landfill diversion from RDF.  ZERO LANDFILL WASTE

·         Portable waste skips located in each service yard and emptied weekly equated to 234 vehicle movements in 2004. This was reduced to 15 vehicle movements in 2015 following the introduction of waste segregation and a dedicated waste compactor – a massive reduction of 219 collections (93.19%).

·         Financial savings of £7010.92 in 2015.

·         The Chantry Centre also achieves 100% landfill diversion.  Waste is collected and transported to a transfer station where it is turned over and any obvious and large recycling materials are removed.  The remainder is then ‘bulked’ up and transferred to a Refuse Derived Fuel plant.

·         As a result of combining vacant Units and securing tenants lease agreement, the Centre now has a 93% occupancy.  Although the Centre has an increase in occupancy, we have reduced the overall total of waste produced by 11.83%.
Energy Management
The Chantry Centre is a 241,000 sq foot retail shopping centre situated in Andover, Hampshire and strives on committing to environmental improvements as reflected in the Centre’s Environmental Policy Statement.  The main objective is to minimise the environmental impact of the Centre and while these practices are important to the customers and tenants, it also provides savings on electricity consumption and makes good business sense.
The management team at The Chantry Centre took a review of all operational aspects of the Centre, in particular the steady decrease of electricity consumption since 2001 and wanted to further reduce the impact on the environment.  The review identified the costs associated with replacing all mall lighting throughout the Centre with LED fittings and emergency LED fittings in comparison to maintaining the existing system was cost effective.
During October 2013, a total of 250 Ansell Galaxy LED and 86 Ansell Galaxy Emergency LED fittings were installed throughout the Centre.  These fittings are connected to LUX sensors to enable the lights to operate at different times of the day, dependant on LUX levels.  A series of programme changes have been implemented to the BMS system controlling the electrical usage throughout the site, with particular attention being paid to the mall lighting to ensure lights is only provided when required.
Based on consumption for the period of Jan – Dec 2012 and Jan - Dec 2015 and current charges, the Centre has made a huge savings of 39.22% on electricity costs and this is reflected in savings in the budget for electricity on the service charge benefitting the tenants and costs to the landlord.

The Centre is proud to have received the following environmental awards throughout the years:
                •             International CSR Awards for Excellence 2015 – Gold (Tww1TTER Campaign)
                •             International CSR Awards for Excellence 2014 – Gold (Innovation – Plight of the Honey Bee)
                •             International CSR Awards for Excellence 2014 – Gold (Environmental Endeavour – Energy Reduction)
                •             International CSR Awards for Excellence 2014 – Silver (Initiatives – The Eco Kids Club)
                •             International Green Apple Award Gold 2015 – Energy Management
                •             International Green Apple Award Silver 2014 – Energy Management
                •             International Green Apple Award Bronze 2014 – Plight of the Honey Bee
                •             International Green Apple Silver Award for Property and Estate Management 2013
                •             Silver Zero Waste Award 2013 – ‘Don’t Throw it Away, It Can Be Used In Some Other Way’
                •             Silver Zero Waste Award 2013 – ‘It's Easy Being Green - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’
                •             Silver Zero Waste Award 2012 – ‘Recycling Need Not Cost The Earth’
                •             3 x Bronze Green Apple Awards 2011 – South West Region
                •             Silver Green Apple Award 2010 – South West Region
                •             Gold Green Apple Award 2009 – South West Region