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Chantry Centre welcomes sustainable fashion pop-up shop

Test Valley Thrift has opened its doors in the Chantry Centre to offer residents the chance to buy a selection of rare retro and vintage fashion.

With classic styles on offer from top brands such as Nike, Adidas and Ralph Lauren, the new pop-up store, which is located just opposite Boswell’s indoor seating area, aims to offer people the chance to shop for unique and sought-after items whilst encouraging customers to move away from buying fast fashion and shop more sustainably.

Alongside vintage clothing, the new pop-up shop will also be offering handmade accessories from independent suppliers around the country. This will include contemporary jewellery, household furnishings and trinkets.

Test Valley Thrift plans to work closely with teenagers and young adults in the community, with a view to liaising with creative departments at Andover College.

Owner of Test Valley Thrift Rob Metsoja, comments: “This is a fantastic opportunity to open a shop in Andover, providing great clothes and unique products to consumers. This year has been a very testing time for the nation, but we hope to deliver a lasting impression, improve the choice in our town centre and a chance to connect Andover with other creative outlets nationwide. We very much hope that customers feel at home and receive a personalised experience within the store.”

Test Valley Borough Council has ambitious plans for the future of the Chantry Centre as part of the town centre redevelopment project. In the meantime the Council is actively looking at options for the building’s under-utilised space. The council operates a flexible easy-in, easy-out scheme for local retailers who may wish to trial a short term residence in a retail unit and raise their profile in the town before making a longer term commitment.

Anyone interested in a Chantry Centre pop-up shop can contact Colin Hares, at Test Valley Borough Council, on 01264 368000 or email

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